Joy of Abstraction: Errata

Errata, typos and clarifications in “The Joy of Abstraction”

Many thanks to readers who have submitted items in this list.


Chapter 12

p. 138: “moroever” should be “moreover”


Chapter 14


p. 176: argument in the last bullet point on the page is perhaps better worded like this –

“By definition, for any bB, g(b) is the unique element aA such that f(a) = b. In this case we’re looking for g(f(a)), so we’re looking for the unique element a ∈ A such that f(a) = f(a), which must be a itself.”


pp.181 – 182: This subsection should be about tosets, not posets. The argument I give depends on the negation of “x is less than or equal to y” being “x is greater than y”. This is true in a toset (because of trichotomy) but not in a poset, because in a poset the negation would be “x is greater than y or x and y are incomparable”. A counter-example for posets would be if A consists of 2 incomparable elements (say, x and y) and B consists of two comparable elements (say x < y ). Then the bijection from A to B sending each element to itself is order-preserving (trivially), but the inverse is not.


Chapter 15

p.195: Just below the first grey box, the first like should read “∀ xm   fs(x) = ft(x)” not ∀ xa


Chapter 16

p. 216: Second paragraph “unncessary” should be “unnecessary”


Chapter 17

p. 236: In the first box the C_1 and C_0 should be the other way round. That is, the “id” function goes from C_0 to C_1.


Chapter 19

pp. 281 – 285: Running heads on right hand pages should say “Pushouts in Set”