My First Art Commission

Commissioned by Hotel EMC2. Hotel EMC2 is a boutique hotel in downtown Chicago celebrating the intersection between art and science. I have been commissioned to make mathematical chalkboard installations to be hung in the function rooms. Watch this space for updates and images of my artwork after the work has been hung.

Visual representation has always been a strong component of my work in category theory, which is a very visually driven subject: we turn abstract ideas into diagrams and pictures, and then take those pictures seriously and reason with them. I have always maintained that creating mathematics is not unlike creating art. I have been drawn to this idea more and more as I have spent more time teaching art students, and now that I have become a commissioned artist myself I am sure there is a large overlap. It has been a revelation to me to use visual imagery by itself as a way of bringing the ideas of mathematics to more people. I would be delighted to receive more commissions!